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iCare Two-in-One Concept

The iCare two-in-one concept is a simple elegant product designed for you to customize according to your preferences. The camera included uses a CMOS HD sensor with more than 2 million pixels and the light source has the latest LED technology, providing exceptional light output, even with small optics. The buttons located on the side of the control unit let you adjust the light intensity to your specific needs.  

 The iCare two-in-one concept is now available with the latest technological innovation SLIDE*. The switch is integrated in the iCare and enables the use of different light cables. A simplified, better design that, most importantly, provides excellent light performance. 

 You can visualize your images on the HD monitor, but they are also available in real time on your iPad thanks to iCare’s secured Wi-Fi. The connectivity enables dual screen viewing, coupling with a printer, storing photos and videos on a USB stick, or connecting to the network. iCare also provides you with a graphical user interface which will give you important information during the procedure and let you set-up your iCare according to your specific preferences. 

 The integration of the HD camera and LED light source in a single housing significantly reduces the cart footprint. Combining design, simplicity, and performance, iCare is ideal for your procedures. 

 *Smart Light Interconnection Device 

Designed for Hysteroscopy

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Camera specifications
  • Waterproof HD CMOS sensor
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Scanning: progressive

  • Three pre-programmed buttons 

Light source specifications
  • LED technology 

  • Nominal power: 95W (equivalent to a 300W Xenon light source) 

  • Color temperature of 6 000°K 

  • Typical LED lifetime of 50 000 hours 

  • Automatic detection of presence/absence of the light cable 

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