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iCare Two-in-One Concept

The camera included in the iCare two-in-one concept uses a CMOS HD sensor with more than 2 million pixels. The light source uses the latest LED technology and provides exceptional light output, even with small optics. This guarantees an outstanding depth of field under any circumstances, and its homogeneity is such that even the periphery of your image will be bright. Thanks to the daylight color temperature it is finally possible to obtain true color fidelity.

You can visualize your images on the HD monitor, but they are also available in real time on your iPad, wherever it is, thanks to iCare’s secured WiFi. iCare is equipped with a USB stick to store many hours of movies in HD format. No need for any additional video recording device.

The iCare is a simple and elegant product with bold lines and noble materials. The camera head is perfectly suited to your hand, providing a perfect grip and natural access to the control buttons.

The integration of the LED light source and HD camera in a single housing significantly reduces the cart footprint for a healthier workspace.

Designed for Hysteroscopy

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Camera specifications
  • Waterproof HD CMOS sensor
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Definition > 900 lines
  • Three pre-programmed buttons
  • C-mount lens F = 22mm
Light source specifications
  • LED technology
  • Nominal power: 64 W (greater than a 180 W Xenon light source)
  • Color temperature of 6000°K
  • Typical LED lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • Automatic detection of presence/absence of the light cable
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