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MyoSure® Tissue Removal Suite

Now there’s a fast, convenient way to remove intrauterine pathology – with two powerful systems that work as one. The MyoSure hysteroscopic tissue removal system and Aquilex ­fluid control system offer you a fully integrated solution, making it simple to quickly remove intrauterine pathologies while maintaining uterine form and function.

The full suite of MyoSure devices offers a solution for tissue removal in a wide range of sizes and locations and allows providers to choose the right device for the right procedure. The MyoSure Tissue Removal Suite includes:

A Suite of Minimally Invasive Devices

MyoSure MANUAL Device
The MyoSure MANUAL device offers the ability to perform in-office polypectomy and targeted biopsy under continuous visualization with the MyoSure hysteroscope – without the complexity, logistics, and costs of the operating room. Read more.

MyoSure LITE Device
The MyoSure LITE device can remove small polyps up to 3 cm, and you can also trust that the quantity and quality of the tissue collection will allow for histologic assessment. Read more.

MyoSure REACH Device
With the MyoSure REACH device, you can reach for the far corners of the uterus with confidence and accuracy to get to the hard-to-reach pathology. Read more.

MyoSure XL Device
Efficiently remove a range of tissue types and sizes, from polyps to fibroids, with the MyoSure XL device. Designed to optimize cutting efficiency. Read more.

MyoSure Controller
The compact MyoSure controller includes a power switch, tissue removal system timer display, a flexible drive cable connector for the tissue removal device and foot pedal connector. Read more.

Omni Hysteroscope Suite
The Omni scope, 0° or 30°, is an all-in-one scope with a rod lens for high quality visualization throughout the procedure. Read more.

MyoSure Hysteroscope
Using just one scope, the MyoSure Hysteroscope, you can perform all stages of the procedure, from diagnostic assessment through treatment. Read more.

Simplify the standard of care with the MyoSure Tissue Removal Suite
– Potentially save costs by using the right device for the right intrauterine procedure
– Use a rod lens MyoSure hysteroscope for visualization and illumination
– Optimize high-aspiration procedures with the Aquilex® fluid management system

For more information about the MyoSure Tissue Removal Suite, visit www.gynsurgicalsolutions.com.

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