Hysteroscopy / Fluent

Fluent® Fluid Management System

The Fluent Fluid Management System is a new, simplified and intuitive system with advanced pressure control that maintains consistent intrauterine distension throughout the hysteroscopic procedure. The Fluent has been designed with input from healthcare professionals, who have seen the complexities of fluid management first-hand. The advanced technology is designed to increase clinical confidence, with a simplified set-up routine featuring a touchscreen guide, enabling the entire team to work efficiently and to save time. The Fluent system and components consist of:


  • Dual peristaltic pump technology with integrated suction
  • Advanced pressure control maintaining consistent intrauterine distention and improved visualisation
  • Accurate fluid deficit readings within +/- 50 mL
  • Integrated MyoSure controller
  • All-in-one procedure kits (FloPaks)
  • Single Waste Bag, eliminating the need for multiple canisters and connections
  • The ability to hang a bag while the system is running
  • Touchscreen guiding the user through set-up and possible troubleshooting
  • Visual and audible alerts for the procedure to proceed efficiently

Simplify Fluid Management with Fluent

More Product Information

To learn more about the products and the solutions for hysteroscopy, visit the website of our supplier Hologic.