Hysteroscopy / Cameras & Towers

iCare+ A New Approach to Outpatient Hysteroscopy

iCare+ is a complete system and includes camera, light source, trolley, iPad and imagyn™ software.

The imagyn™ software is the core of our imaging solution, and the application is installed on the iPad-Pro 12,9”, the best Apple tablet currently available. imagyn™ allows you to add new patient files, enter your operative report in a few clicks and share all or parts of this information with your patients or colleagues.

Enter your operating report in just a few clicks

This step has been designed to secure start-up in just a few seconds. The Apple stylus will allow you to customize the provided body diagrams and to enhance the pictures taken during the exam.

Watch the exam on the iPad Pro

imagyn allows you to monitor the exam directly on the iPad Pro thanks to the secured Wi-Fi. This screen can be exposed to an assistant or the patient.

Access iCare’s advanced video settings through imagyn™

imagyn™ allows you access to iCare’s advanced video settings, such as brightness, contrast, color saturation and gamma. A digital zoom of up to x2 is also available.

Access your data at any time from your smartphone

Your exams are synchronized on our licensed and secured medical Cloud. You can thus access them easily with our web application dedicated to imagyn™. No matter where you are, all you need is a web connection! Discussions with your colleagues will be far more precise.

Designed for Hysteroscopy

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