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Scope Management by Liquid Scope WarmOR™

The Liquid Scope WarmORTM is a single-use device that warms laparoscopes and endoscopes to body temperature. Activated in seconds, it prevents condensation and fog from appearing on the scope during procedures.

The Liquid Scope WarmOR eliminates the need for capital equipment or electrical connections, resulting in a simple, cost-effective scope warming and fog prevention solution.


Scope Management by Scope HelpOR™

The Scope HelpOR™ is a smart, cost-effective scope management system that helps to optimize surgeons’ vision during traditional and robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery.

By combining the tools that reduce condensation and scope fogging with those needed to keep the scope lens and trocar valves free of debris, the Scope HelpOR™ provides everything needed for effective scope management.


The smart way to minimize scope fogging

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