With effect from July 4th, 2020 Normedi will take responsibility for the Finnish distribution of the Hologic GYN Surgical Solutions portfolio, with the products MyoSure, NovaSure and Aquilex. Our passionate team is well prepared and will secure a smooth transition experience for all involved parties. Our Nordic warehouse in Malmö, Sweden, is ready for the expansion, and we are looking forward to prompt delivery in the Finnish market as well as in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

For matters regarding our products, services and technical support, please contact Mika Romana, Key Account Manager (e-mail: mika@normedi.com, phone: +358 (0)400 654558). For questions about orders, logistics and invoices, please contact Maria Esberg, Customer Service Responsible (e-mail: maria@normedi.com, phone: +47 406 38 620). The address for placing orders is support@normedi.com.

We are currently working on strengthening our Finnish team and you are welcome to contact Øystein Granne Norling, Managing Director (oystein@normedi.com) or Mika Romana (mika@normedi.com) if you are interested in joining the great Normedi team.