Aud Helen Jaavall, Zelalem Mengistu, Darko Juric and Wenche Mathisen

We congratulate Østfold Hospital Moss for their initiation of Office-Based Hysteroscopy Department. They have moved the hysteroscopy procedure from the outpatient surgical center to the office setting, completing their first three procedures this week. By moving hysteroscopy to the office setting, patients can undergo the procedure under local anesthesia and return home the same day. This reduces waiting times for the patient and frees up the outpatient surgical center for other more demanding procedures. Østfold Hospital Moss are using the MyoSure hysteroscopic tissue removal suite and Aquilex fluid control system for the removal of uterine polyps and fibroids. The team at Normedi wish Dr. Zelalem Mengistu and his dedicated staff good luck with their new Office-Based Hysteroscopy Department!