Open Surgery / Pelvic Exam Instruments

VuSleeve® Single Use Tissue Retraction Sheath

VuSleeve® is a single-use tissue retraction sheath that keeps the patients safer and more comfortable.

Increases visibility and access to cervix

  • Retracts vaginal sidewalls, improving quality of care and timeliness for any exam or procedure
  • Enables in-office colposcopy & hysteroscopy

Enables patient comfort

  • Protects vaginal sidewall tissue during electrosurgical procedures
  • Increases patient comfort and reduces need for a wider speculum
  • Latex-free material material insulates patients from a cold metal speculum

Easy to Use

  • Designed to fit most common speculum sizes and styles, metal and plastic
  • Paper applicator ensures quick and easy placement on speculum

The Nella™ product line includes speculum (NuSpec®), light (VuLight®) and sheath (VuSleeve®). Designed through rigorous research and prototyping with passionate medical advisors, these modern OBGYN tools address the previously unmet needs of both patient and provider.

The Only Sleeve Designed for a Speculum


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