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AlphaScope™ Optics

The AlphaScope™ II series offers world class HD quality scopes with unique brightness, outstanding detail reproduction, remarkable depth of focus, high resolution and contrast reproduction. The light fibers are consistently placed with a 360° coverage, which guarantees fabulous and long-lasting light transmission.

The AlphaScope™ II series provides outstanding autoclavability due to unique laser welded leakage paths and soldered Saphir glass in the proximal cover glass as well as the distal negative lens. The triple tube design secures an ultra-high durability (this does not apply to the 1.9 mm optics as they are too thin for the triple tube design). The high quality gives us confidence when offering 24 months guarantee on any new AlphaScope™ II.

The AlphaScope™ II is made for any endoscopic application, some examples being laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, sinuscopy and otoscopy. The scopes vary from 1.9 mm to 10 mm in diameter, 60 mm to 450 mm in working length and 0, 12, 30, 45 and 70 degree view angle.

World Class Quality


Normedi Optical Exchange Programs


Normedi Nordic offers two attractive optical exchange programs

TRADE-IN is a popular and attractive program for used and broken scopes. We offer a significantly reduced exchange price when you trade in a broken scope – from any supplier – for a brand new AlphaScope™ II.

REXFLAT is our system for exchange of used and broken AlphaScope™. Even the best rigid optic breaks after extensive use. The REXFLAT system offers a completely refurbished low cost AlphaScope™ II in exchange for a broken AlphaScope™. All inner parts of the optic are renewed and the quality is as good as new. Refurbished optics are granted a 12 month guarantee.

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