Hysteroscopy / Versascope

Gynecare Versascope™

The Gynecare Versascope hysteroscope provides unparalleled visualization in a small bore hysteroscope, with edge-to-edge clarity, brilliant illumination, high resolution and a 90° field of vision for a wide panoramic view of the uterine cavity. The sheath design, with a 10° deflection, expands the field of vision, permitting peripheral visualization of the operative area and thereby improving the visualization of the uterine cavity. Depth of field from 2 mm to infinity provides sharp, in-focus images from closeup to panoramic.

A specially designed collar rotates 360° to afford viewing of the ostia and cornua without producing torque on the cervix, further enhancing patient comfort and tolerance. The Gynecare Versascope™ Hysteroscopy System automatically maintains the proper viewing orientation throughout a procedure for ease of interpretation and instrumentation.

Automatic Continuous Flow ensures clearer visualization during therapeutic applications. The Gynecare Versascope™ Hysteroscopy System is compatible with a variety of medical video cameras and light sources.

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