Hysteroscopy / Cervical Dilation

Aqueduct Cervical Dilator

The Aqueduct Dilator combines the advantages of rods dilation and Laminaria/Dilapan. It enables radial dilation (as with Laminaria) within minutes (as with Hegar’s rods). This is an easy to operate and fast dilation procedure that provides gradual and uniform dilation to a predetermined diameter within minutes.

The Aqueduct Dilator reduces the need for local or general anesthesia, increases the accuracy and safety of the procedure and eliminates dilation failure. The single act of insertion through the cervix reduces the risk of infection, perforation, and cervical incompetence.

Gentle, Safe and Fast Cervical Dilation




The Aqueduct Dilator is officially recommended by NESA (New European Surgical Academy).



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