Hysteroscopy / Aquilex

Aquilex® Fluid Management System

The Aquilex system helps you maintain maximum control of your procedures. Its innovative technology and design minimize procedure time by rapidly achieving and maintaining distention independent of hysteroscope diameter.

With the Aquilex system technology, you can feel confident in your deficit readings. The innovative fluid management system includes:

  • Two calibrated scales, one for the supply bags that measures fluid through the inflow tubing and one located on the canister rings that monitors fluid getting returned through the outflow tubing. This setup eliminates deficit error when the supply bag proceeds to empty and the pump wheel continues to spin.
  • The ability to add or remove bags without pausing the system.
  • A system pause function that stops both inflow and suction pumps and locks the fluid deficit reading when a canister change is necessary, reducing inaccurate deficit readings due to canister changes.


Maximum Control of Your Procedures