The virtual Global Congress on Hysteroscopy (GCH) 2021 is underway, taking place on each Saturday during the month of May. Visit the virtual booths of three of Normedi’s close partners; Hologic, FzioMed and RZ Medizintechnik.

You are welcome to join the Hologic symposium on Saturday, 15th May at 17:05 CET on Otimising Hysteroscopy Procedures in the Outpatient Setting, chaired by Prof Sergio Haimovich, with guest speaker Mr Pandelis Athanasias.

On Saturday, May 22nd at 17.05-17.15 CET, FzioMed will present a symposium on Anti Adhesion Gels with Dr. Gere diZerega.

For registration, visit My GCH – the Global Community of Hysteroscopy.

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